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DeAngelo Harris

Chair - Board of Directors

DeAngelo Harris

DeAngelo Harris-Rosa, a dynamic force in civic leadership, currently serves as the Deputy Director for the Philadelphia Office of Violence Prevention. But his role is far more than a title—it's a commitment to shaping the narrative of a city at the crossroads of change.

In this pivotal role, DeAngelo orchestrates the intricate dance of planning, implementing, and setting policy while rallying the community in a harmonious effort to reduce and prevent gun violence within the vibrant streets of Philadelphia. His vision is rooted in a public health approach that empowers the city's residents, offering a lifeline through Cure Violence services and resources carefully cultivated by the Office of Violence Prevention, which specifically targets the needs of at-risk young individuals and their families.

DeAngelo firmly believes that building safer and healthier communities begins by engaging those individuals who are closest to the challenges, seeking their valuable insights, and collaboratively identifying effective solutions. Addressing the complex socioeconomic disparities experienced by Black, Brown, and LatinX communities, as well as combatting the deeply ingrained stigma surrounding mental health conditions in these affected communities, is a critical step towards creating a more secure and nurturing environment for our city.

DeAngelo's journey to this point was marked by excellence and service. His alma mater, Shippensburg University, saw him graduate with a degree in Political Science—a cornerstone for his career as a change-maker. In 2020, he was appointed as a Trial Commissioner for the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania, where he played a pivotal role in the MacArthur Foundation's initiatives, working hand-in-hand with Pennsylvania's Criminal Justice system. His mission is to guide the ship of justice reform, oversee alternative city programs focused on bail and prison reform, and tirelessly strive to enhance social equality within the hallowed halls of the court system. He leaves no stone unturned in the quest to improve efficiency and make a meaningful impact on the lives of reentry individuals.

But DeAngelo's story doesn't end there. His heart beats for the government sector as he passionately serves those in need and seeks to forge a sustainable, community-driven path for Philadelphia's future. His journey through the labyrinth of community outreach and government relations has cultivated a deep-rooted interest in workforce development within the public and nonprofit sectors. He envisions a future where urban centers become breeding grounds for young leaders, and with over a decade of experience in city and state government, he's been the architect of change in various local and state departments, steadfastly working to improve the quality of life for Philadelphia's citizens while safeguarding their streets from the scourge of violent crime.

DeAngelo had continued his mission as a Community Engagement Liaison and Diversion Policy Advisor within the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, shaping a public safety plan for violence prevention that hinges on community participation and collaboration with the Philadelphia Police Department, community leaders, and faith-based organizations. His passion doesn't stop there—he's been instrumental in a myriad of projects across Philadelphia, including a transformative stint with the Pennsylvania State Senate. In this role, he orchestrated coordinating and overseeing the 4th Senatorial District Constituents department, driving policy objectives through strategic advocacy, targeted education, and outreach to key stakeholders.

DeAngelo is a man with a mission to usher in economic growth, cultivate opportunity, and sculpt transformative policies through the intricate tapestry of public-private partnerships. His story is of commitment, passion, and unwavering dedication to advancing Philadelphia's future.

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