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Street Pause


Empowering Communities with Safe Solutions

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Who We Are

Street Pause Inc. is a 2021-founded nonprofit organization created in response to the George Floyd killing and subsequent racial unrest. Our mission is to empower communities with a safe and solution-focused software application. We offer an alternative response to a wide range of incidents, including mental health crises, homelessness, street conflicts, and various disturbances, excluding medical emergencies.

Street Pause connects vulnerable populations, justice-involved individuals, and community members to essential services like shelter, food, substance abuse support, and necessities. We collaborate with nonprofit partners to provide workshops and training, fostering alternative methods for accessing vital services without involving law enforcement.

Visionary Founder & CEO

Freedom Jones

Passionate and unwavering in her dedication, Freedom's focus lies in empowering BIPOC individuals living in underserved neighborhoods in Baltimore. Through her tireless efforts, she has forged enduring community partnerships and made substantial strides towards ushering in a brighter future through social change initiatives.

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Our Team

Meet the dedicated and passionate team behind Street Pause Inc., a nonprofit organization committed to creating positive change in the community. Leading the charge is our visionary CEO, Freedom Jones, whose unwavering commitment to our mission sets the tone for the entire organization. Keeping our financials in check is our meticulous CPA, Monica Chambers, who plays a crucial role in maintaining the organization's fiscal health. Guiding our strategic decisions are seven dedicated Board members, each bringing a wealth of experience and unique perspectives to the table. In addition, we are privileged to have the guidance of four Advisors to the program staff, whose collective wisdom and expertise enhance the impact of our initiatives. Together, this dynamic team is committed to making a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve and fostering positive change within our community.

Street Pause

Services We Provide


Street Pause, Inc. programs and services, including Street Pause App, Coaching & Training, POWER, and Voices, are designed to provide individuals with the resources they need to succeed. Join us in our mission to support and empower our communities.

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

James Baldwin

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Empower Communities with Safe Solutions

Kamala Harris
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